Delivery to Belfast castle

Four tier stacked wedding cake, decorated with pearl piping. Which was painted with lustre, pearlised dusting powder. The pale pink , sugarcraft roses on top, complement one of the flowers in the brides bouquet.
Four Tier Cake


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  • Gabrielle Gunning

    Dear Jenny,

    I see you have the picture of Maeve and Tony’s ‘white dot’ wedding cake up on the blog! It looked even better in reality once the room was fully decorated. Sad person that I am, I have taken the sugared roses from the top tier as a keepsake!! I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did. The cake looked beautiful and, just as importantly, it tasted wonderful too. I had a slice of the chocolate ganache and my husband had a slice of the lemon. To die for!

    To all future brides who might read this blog or log on to Jenny’s webpage I would say – “Don’t hesitate. If you want the best, pick up the phone and ring Jenny. You won’t be disappointed”.

    Thanks again Jenny.

    Gabrielle (Bride’s auntie)

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