Dreams Really Do Come True

What age do you think the recipient of this cake is ?
The lady in question is


I really enjoyed hearing about this lady from her family, her favorite saying was “Dreams really do come true”. 
I hope she gets as much pleasure on receiving the cake as I did making it for her.

Happy Birthday!


Dreams really do come true
Dreams really do come true

2 comments to Dreams Really Do Come True

  • cant express the joy the cake brought to mum. sorry to say the knife has been busy and the waist has increased, but every bit was scrummy. i can only thank you all for the hard work and excellent result xoxo

  • Hi April
    Thank you so much for your comments, i really appreciate you taking the time
    I am so glad your Mum enjoyed the cake
    Maybe some day you and her are passing drop in, it would be a pleasure to meet her

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