Novelty Wedding Cakes

As I mentioned last week most of our wedding’s were more traditional, with piping detail.
It’s the opposite this week, we never get bored in the workshop.
The top table is probably the most time consuming wedding cake we do.
But when it is finished, just picture the scene:
4 ladies standing back with their arms folded admiring it. That’s us in the workshop!
I always think the end result is amazing.
This was the most “laid back” bride and mother of the groom I have ever dealt with,
it was a pleasure working with them. Hope they liked the cake!

Some visitors in the workshop took  a second look at the suitcase cake. I could read their thoughts: “This looks a little tilted “wonky”? “poor workmanship here” but I reassured them that this was exactly what the bride wanted.

A more traditional gazebo style novelty cake.
Sometimes the bride and groom prefer to opt for a more traditional style with just a little novelty.



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