Chocolate Wedding Cakes a choco-holic’s delight

Chocolate wedding cakes.

The weather may have been hit-or-miss this summer, but the variety of cakes we’ve been creating in The Workshop certainly isn’t! We’ve recently been working on chocolate style cakes; impressive designs decorated entirely in delicious Belgian chocolate that will stand out in any wedding reception venue. Usually five or six tiers, the flavours of cake underneath the design are still completely flexible – why not try a combination of flavours? All of the three cakes below are five tiers, and although they use similar ingredients, it just shows how you can get different effects. Take the wrapped cake. This is shown in white (decorated with roses) and dark (decorated with chocolate balls). Another combination that works well dressing this style of cake is fresh fruit – the smell of chocolate and strawberries will really get your guests’ mouths watering! An alternative way to use the chocolate is to present it like the white chocolate fan cake, with white chocolate fans and chocolate roses cascading down the middle of the cake. Either way, if you love chocolate, you will love these cakes!


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