Lough Erne Golf Resort

Five Tier Wedding Cake Covered In SugarCraft Petals

Five Tier Wedding Cake Covered In SugarCraft Petals

Friday 20th August, Another delivery to Lough Erne Golf Resort in Enniskillen. I love and hate delivering to this venue (is that possible?)
Once I have presented the cake and made sure everything is O.K. I rush to the bar, where they serve the most delicious food: in particular Bread And Butter Pudding! This is what I love.
The Drive I Hate! – Two and a half hours each way and saying “patience is a virtue” rings true when you get stuck behind a driver crawling along at 35 mph.
On Friday I encountered 3 separate “Driving Miss Daisies”. I could feel my shoulders almost becoming “earmuffs”.
Please forgive me – I’ll stop rambling and tell you about the cake.
Five tier stacked cake, each tier a different flavor, starting with fruit at the bottom.
It was iced in white sugar paste. Sugar craft petals where made and dusted with snowflake dusting powder to give a “sheen”. The petals were arranged on the cake to look like flowers.
p.s. Thanks to my cousin Ruth, who lives on route to Enniskillen. The break from driving was much appreciated.


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