From Bangor to Castle Leslie (Monaghan)

We are travelling far and wide these days. This week one of my deliveries was to the beautiful setting of Castle Leslie. I was very proud of myself, followed my friends directions, successfully negotiated Armagh etc. and arrived in Glaslough. (now bear in mind – the heavens were opening and I had never been to Castle Leslie before.) Could I find it – NO! Called into a local pub at the bottom of the town and asked for directions. To my horror the chap said “ you’ll never find it from here”  I’ll not print what I exclaimed at that point. Thankfully he was joking – we went to the pub door looked round the corner and there it was. Talk about having a “blonde” moment! The Chap’s name was Adrian, we did have a laugh. Got the Cake set up and saw Adrian again on my way out of the Castle, exchanged farewells and headed home. Half way back down the M1 I realised I hadn’t taken a photo of the cake!! (double “blonde moments” – I need a holiday). The cake was a 4 tier brooch cake, similar to the one below delivered to the Slieve Donnard, only the bride provided her own brooches.

The cakes delivered to Ballydougan Mill and the Slieve Donnard in Newcastle.


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  • Ulli Ellis

    I just wanted to say that the white chocolate cake you made for Roisin and Jarlath’s wedding on the 4th September 2010 was out of this world! I had three slices and took some home for breakfast the next day. Utterly delicious and divine ;o)

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