Wedding Cake Delivery to Ballygally Castle

Delivery to Ballygally Castle where my good friend Norman McBride is manager. The cake was a four tier classic style wedding cake. On tiers one and three the icing was coloured a deeper cream that tiers two and four. Tiers one and three were also covered with very fine piping detail. 3.5″ pillars are [...]


Recent Christening Cakes

Here are some of the Christening cakes we have produced recently. .gallery-item {width: 33%;} // Christening Cake for a boy Christening Cake for a boy Elephant Christening Cake Elephant Christening Cake Teddy bear and Balloons Christening Cake Teddy bear and Balloons Christening Cake


Novelty Wedding Cake

We always tell the bride and groom ,”when choosing your cake do not be afraid to let your creativity emerge” and this couple did just that! well done. At the beginning of their relationship the groom worked in France and the bride Belfast, hence the Eiffel Tower and Goliath the Harold and wolf Crane. [...]


Twenty people in and around the Top Table

The Bride sent us individual photos of the guests in this top table with the seating plan. We created each guest by modeling them in sugarpaste. This was a very time consuming cake, but the end product is magnificent to present as a wedding cake. There are three 10″ square cakes, sandwiched side by [...]


Delivery to Lough Erne Golf Resort

View of the room from behind the wedding cake

This weeks wedding cake delivery to Lough Erne Golf Resort, a long way with one of the largest cakes we have delivered!. Because it had six tiers, we had to transport it in two half’s and finish it at the hotel. The bottom tier started with a 16″ round fruit cake. The other tiers [...]


Some of last weeks wedding cakes

Some of last weeks wedding cakes. These were delivered to the Culloden hotel near Belfast.

Three tier wedding cake with fresh flowers

Five tier Heart Wedding Cake

This one to the Ross Park hotel near Kells.

Dark Chocolate Wrapped Wedding Cake

This one to the Old Inn Crawfordsburn

Pearl Wedding [...]


Thank you for the photo.

I would like to thank Jamie Trimble for sending this wonderful picture of the bride and groom cutting one of our cakes.


It’s a long way to Co. Meath

Ninety percent of wedding cakes, we deliver and set up on the day of the wedding. Most of them are fairly local, however this one was certainly further afield. We had to find the marquee in Co. Meath west of Dublin! We only arrived thanks to our iPhones’ satnav “app” !

The Wedding [...]


Some of the novelty cakes prepared this week.

Birthday Cake

The Clown

The Chef


Las Vegas Glitz


Graduate Doctor [...]


Four tier Novelty Wedding Cake

This cake was really good fun to create. Each cake depicts a different stage in the couples relationship.     

Four Tier Novelty Wedding Cake


  Bottom tier; the bride is getting ready for her first date, whilst the groom is merrily relaxing with a bottle of “Bud”.     

How We Met


  The [...]


Novelty wedding cakes.

Three tier Novelty wedding cake with a Scottish / Irish theme. Also a three tier caribbean theme wedding cake, the couple were married in Hawaiian having the cake for a party on arrival home.

Irish Scotish theme Wedding Cake

Caribbean Theme Wedding [...]


Some of this weeks novelty cakes

This Mickey Mouse theme cake was chocolate cake, decorated round the side with Mickey’s Club house and a sugarcraft model of Mickey on top.

Mickey Mouse theme cake

This booked shaped cake was decorated with a musical theme, with the lady dressed in an elegant red dress.

Music theme Birthday cake



Two Christening cakes just finished

Here we have a couple of Christening Cakes, baked and decorated this week. Blue for Boys and Pink for Girls! Both cakes were maderia.

Teddy Bear Christening Cake

Teddy Bear Christening [...]


Yet more birthday cakes

This garden theme cake and Upsy Daisy cake are both Lemon flavour.  It’s been a busy week so far I’ll post some wedding cakes at the weekend. Jenny from Jenny’s Cakes (NI)


Some more birthday cakes

Some birthday cakes we recently decorated, the motorbike theme cake, the Porche and the Las Vagas cake are all rich chocolate fudge cakes. 

Jenny from Jenny’s Cakes (NI)